A boy who delivers a crack
Since Obama is the president, everyone turned into a crack boy delivering cracks to customer through Craigslist.
by Goodchild May 18, 2015
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Crystal Meth. Usually used by Teenage white kids, a redneck drug, The state of Montana is full of this shit.
Black Guy: Yo nigga i juss got a bundle o' dis base we be hitten up the crack house in a lil you game.

White Boy: *cant stop scratching himself* hey I need some quick money for some speed(meth)you wanna go knock off a corner store?

i have to say white boy crack in this because this is the only i can send it to urbandictionary.com
by ayoforkayo January 27, 2009
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Gay boy crack isn't really crack, it’s nos gas. But it’s what hard core druggies call nos because of the minor experience of euphoria you feel compared to that of other drugs.
T: Bare gassed to pop some e’s at rave later.
Cee: I’m too shook to do pingers, let’s do balloons, nos is bare fun!
T: Nah Cee, dead that.
Cee: Fine, I’ll just cut now then
Des: Go get fucked off your gay boy crack then u pussio.
by Silent_t October 08, 2019
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