Fake news or disinformation developed and implemented by an alliance between MSM, CIA, and various propaganda churning US Federal govt agencies; deliberately to confuse and brainwash the American public.
All this covefefe, and none of it makes any sense.
by Pyros420 June 1, 2017
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An unusual orange colored beverage reminiscent of a Toffifee and sour grapes. Especially popular at the White House, but only for "a small group of people."
I tell you, this covefefe is tasting off today. Get that small group over here to see if they understand what the heck he's tweeting now.
by Time Is Optional June 1, 2017
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An antediluvian word Meaning in the end we will win
This is one of the bloodiest ears I've seen but if we continue to push hard day in and day out covefefe is inevitable
by TheAzCowboy#1Infidel June 11, 2017
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