An amazing young woman with a strong, amazing personality. Usually has a smile on her face and is really pretty. Courtney is very loving and faithful. You can trust Courtney with anything, she wont let you down. Also a great kisser and great for cuddling. By far better than all the dirty hoes runnin around now a days!
Did you see that girl cuhhz?
How could I not? Thats a Courtney!
Whoever is with her is lucky as fuck!!
by BluntedNStuntin December 28, 2012
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courtney someone thats EXTREMEMLY good looking but not like cute, more like sexy. when they walk by u turn ur head and wish u had a pause button or something.

The most gorgeous girl that you could ever come across.

Words can not explain her, and her flawlessness.

Whoever has her, as their girlfriend is the most luckiest man

in the entire universe.

everyman,want her and every girl wants to be her.
Jesse: fuck that courtney chick is hot.
tim: fuck yes, oi cunt i heard shes easy.
Jesse: I'm in!
tim: -.- lucky cunt
by everyonewantsomeofwhatigot November 26, 2011
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Amazing girrrlyyy! That calls me every night!!! She is soooooooo pretty and I loveeeeee her sooooo much and has amazing friends like me!!!! She will always be a great friend!!!!!!!<33333
1:Courtney is mius best friend!!!!!!<3333
by Awesomenessgirll February 02, 2010
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A girl who is energetic in every way, but doesn't care about school. She loves mexicans but doesn't date any, she isn't the most beautiful type but has a good heart. Very stubburn when it comes to friends and hates backstabbers, She hates friends who date her ex's she will kill you. Courtneys are usually brunnette and hazel eyes and typically short.
Friends, "Dood jake just asked me out!"
Courtney " YOUR DEAD!"
by queezyriot1397 February 20, 2011
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Someone who likes to sing and dance around like a complete looser! but shes funny and makes everyone laugh. Everytime she says something funny, she has to write it down so that she doesn't forget it and so that she can put it on facebook as soon as she gets home. She has a fairly sick mind ;) and worries over nothing!
by Sheridan Jeffkins October 12, 2010
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Coming from Curtis.
Family Buchanan.
Often used amongst royal families to name a girl after kindness to all.
Able to share what the world feels.
not afraid of the suffering and diseased and often naming over the poor, selfliss, and disobediant.
can delete harm.
Seeks justice for valuables.
Courtney told her it was okay, the damage is done, there comes a brighter day.
by europopian April 24, 2009
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