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To Count coup is considered an act of bravery by North American Native Indians.

The ultimate Counting coup scenario, as told by Chief Plenty Coup: To be in declared war with another tribe and by genius stealth or of an outright brazen act to reach his enemy, a warrior had avoided death by flying arrows from afar, spears chucked while in close, even while in the death zone of the intended coup victim's now attacking and slashing knife. This is when the said warrior now slaps his knife wielding enemy on the face and then manages to flee unharmed. The red faced victim of Counted coup is now the embarrassment of his tribe.

To the Anglo-Saxon world an act of Counting coup would be considered an act of glory seeking stupidity. As an example: It would be like getting in a boxing match with Mike Tyson after having just slapped him up-side the face in the pre-bout introductions. On the other hand, if Mike Tyson wanted to even-up on the Counting coup score card, he would toy with this opponent until the last round, and then bite the ear off the side of the opponent's head five seconds before the end of the fight!
Ladies and Gentleman this is the finest Counting coup strategy and deployment I have ever seen! There is simply no recourse!
by gravy111 November 28, 2010
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Like the basic definition, but counting the number of people you've had sex with.
I'm doing alright at 20, but that's probably minor Counting Coup to others.

I know one woman that claims at least 50 (Counting) Coup. She's a badass.
by headrift March 17, 2018
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