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The process of fucking with someone emotionally, physically, or psychologically in response to being fucked with.
Dude my girlfriend said I sucked in bed so I counterfucked her by saying her vagina has mucus in it.
by Swagapartacus February 04, 2011
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{cown-ter fuhk} noun, 1. sexual intercourse outside of a relationship as retaliation for a partner's cheating or other infidelities 2. the person with which one has the counter fuck intercourse
I think she should counter fuck him. That'll teach him not to cheat.

He cheated on her last week so she's on a mission to find a counter fuck.

Check it out, there goes his counter fuck.
by Stupid Is As Stupid Does October 10, 2009
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to dodge a fly man or woman while in mid air, and happens to be naked, and perfectly lands on you in a sexual way.......
person a; currently flying through the air....naked, "I'M GONNA RAPE YOU!"
person b; cunningly dodges "FUCK YOU, YOU JUST GOT COUNTERFUCKED"
person a; "FUCK YOU"
by nooby bot September 22, 2008
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