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Coryn is someone who tends to be very loud and energetic when it comes to her friends. Depending on her mood she can be very witty and/or sarcastic. She loves to laugh with her immature sense of humor (not sex jokes... usually). Nothing makes her happier than making people laugh and having a good time. Sometimes she swears a little too much... Maybe a little more than too much. She isn't aware of how beautiful she really is along with the other great things she can accomplish. She is also guilty of a black and white mind and sometimes needs to think out of the box regardless of how random she is. She can be cringe at times but it often works out as being hilarious anyway. She has a tendency to procrastinate on important things and sometimes struggle in school. She struggles to stay motivated when it comes to art work or any homework/big projects in general. There are certain situations where she is very independent or co-dependent. She doesn't think much of relationships but once she finds the one- she dedicates her life to them and her only desire is to make her soul mate happy. If she ever loses her one and only soul mate- she loses herself and waits like a lost puppy waiting for her soul mate to return. She is filled with determination whenever it comes to something she truly loves (which is extremely rare) because she knows deep inside that one day it will truly come to her. Even if it means losing herself in the surface of others.

P.S. Memes.
Person: Hey Coryn? Can you do me a favor?
Coryn: No.
Person: ...
Coryn: I am kidding- yeah sure what do you need?
by thesupercoolsandwhich May 27, 2018
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Nice Friend, Smart, Blonde, likes vampires, and can be rlly cool all the time
Person 1: I am having a awesome time!
Person 2: You must be with Coryn
by SomeBody III November 30, 2010
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Funny, kind, and dorky girl. Always helping, known by everyone, loves music, and really good artist.
Person 1: Hey do you know Coryn?

Person 2: Yeah, of course, who doesn't?

Person 1: Yeah, true. Anyway, she helped me study for my test and I got a 100%! She helped me remember with songs and drawings. She's really good at helping.
by Sportycor December 10, 2016
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A beautiful girl, that alot of lads want, but she can mess them around some times.
Mostly sleeps with them but every 1 still loves her.
is kind, caring, playa, tart, and likes bacon.
Person 1: you know that coryn shes got two lads on the go?
Person 2: yea but u got to love her haven't you;)
Person 1: yea i guess LOL, hopefully she picks ****
by prittykitty April 25, 2011
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short blonde gurl, nice ass, white smile, lesbian, (: i always see her thongs hanging out
coryn makes me hot when she makes out with that other hot gurl in the hall.
by camel019 October 29, 2010
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A tall brunette pretty smart and beautiful magnificent girl she is not afraid of anyone or anything don’t try her your ass will be beat
by Coryjai October 08, 2018
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A woman, a thief, a dazzling display of insanity and beauty all bundled up in to a fiery little woman. Coryn is the type of girl who will take you to tinsel town on your first date and leave you there with no phone or sense of direction. She's also the type of girl who will liquor you up and make you play musical chairs with old women. She's a doll. Not only does she make you feel wanted, simultaneously she makes you feel like a drunk girl on prom night.

Coryn, Spawn of satan, I cannot wait for round two, three and many more.

Ps: let that chicken have some air between dunks up your ass.
Man, my ball's are bound up in the worst way.... today's looking alot like coryn.
by The real Teddy October 14, 2018
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