(n) A crappy town in Texas about 1 1/2 hrs south of Dallas. This town has never done anything significant nor has anyone that lives there. A few people from this town have gone on to do good things but only because they left to achieve it. It has often been thought of to have mystic / magical powers. Reason being is because anyone unfortunate to inhabit this black hole of a town is sucked dry of any creativity, talent, ambition, will power, education, etc. However, these "magical" powers do work some good. Upon the slim chance that an inhabitant escapes this place, within an hr of being away they instantly become smarter, more creative, happy, etc. The longer this person stays away from the clutches of this place the more dramatic their improvement becomes. Not to mention their over all chances of becoming a productive member of society increase 200%. Even tourists and visitors to this town have reported experiencing an unusual feeling of disgust & absent mindedness.
1.) I wouldn't suggest living in corsicana to my worst enemy.
2.) When you see the exit for corsicana, step on the gas and keep going!
by i made it out February 4, 2010
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A place where dreams go to die.
I had a job, family, and career but now i live in Corsicana.
by Nigger on the run July 10, 2009
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A black hole in which everything is sucked in and twisted broken or shatterd. You would be lucky to survive it
Every person from Corsicana
by Cricketzero October 10, 2008
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Sorry, its a crap hole. I once thought I had died and gone to hell, it turned out that I was just living in Corsicana. I would rather roll naked down a hill of broken glass and rock salt than ever returned to this vortex of doom, disillusionment and soul crushing. Houses made of cow crap have more appeal than most of the buildings in this cess-pool. Additionally, their main strip of businesses reminds of some of the crappier places to be found in Nuveo Laredo.
by Corsicana Expatriate May 13, 2011
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Home of the Corsicana Tigers and the Navarro College Bulldogs! A wonderful small town that is shaped by loving people. The commitment of everyone to create a great place for our kids to participate in sports, advance economic development/tourism to our community and add to the quality of life!
It is home to:
-First United Methodist Church (just celebrated its 160th Anniversary!)
-Downtown has unique shops that are shaped by a loving environment and that of personal service.
-YMCA & the great programs it offers!
-The Navarro Council of the Arts, Arts in Education programming.
-Corsicana Education Foundation
-Such a rich history: from historic buildings, Wolf Brand Chili, the oil boom, beautiful old homes, theaters, churches, a busy Beaton Street and more, we've been left an exciting legacy to carry on!
- What a great size town and the fact I can drive "across" town in 10 minutes. Not too big, not too small.
-Navarro College sports are all continually ranked top in the nation and produce professional athletes.
-NC does a lot for the students for our area! With 4 locations filled with great faculty and staff, it truly is one of the best community colleges in the nation. Also, among junior colleges, it is one of the only ones of its size with dorms and an amazing athletic program!
-The generosity of our people is that of pure philanthropy. Our local charities, scholarships, programs, and facilities are like no other.
small town navarro county corsicana tigers navarro college love
by Aggie Bulldog March 18, 2011
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Saying you will live a good life style And leave this place to find success, but keep extending your “move out date” to further accommodate poor money choices and solely fucking up thus keeping you stuck in Corsicana day after day week after week month after month year after year

Until you give up on your dreams of ever accomplishing something better.
Person: I’m gonna get out of Corsicana in just 3 months and accomplish great things

*three months pass*
Person: hey can I borrow a cigarette off you? I have NO MONEY. I’ll move out In maybe 5 months once I get my shit together
~That’s the Corsicana way~
by The trvth August 16, 2019
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Located in a town of around 25,000 people. Multi million football stadium but team cant ever manage to make it to the playoffs. The golf team almost has more members than the band, which is never heard at halftime. Favorite pastimes of students include drinking, drugs, and sex. It is not uncommon to walk down the hall and see a dozen pregnant girls macking on their baby daddy. The poverty rate in Corsicana is extremely high, as about 75% of the students recieve free/reduced lunch. Also, it is common to smell weed in the bathroom, esp. in B hall. Somehow, the good kids are always the ones to get in trouble. The school enforces a ridiculous dress code, and the focus on it is more important than the academics. If you have connections to the right people, you can get away with pretty much anything. The Fall of 2005 wasd marked with several incidents, including a fire which closed school for 2 days, multiple lockdowns due to guns, fire drills as a result to idiots pulling the alarm in class, and several bomb threats. Come graduation time, several seniors cannot graduate due to not being able to pass the TAKS test. It is a minority-majority school, for the numbers of mexicans and blacks outnumber the white. Most people say they will leave this town once they graduate, but end up staying here, raising thier kids, and becoming thier parents, never getting out. The biggest rival is Ennis High School, "The I45 Rivalry", even though we havent beat them in three years. The only sports team that wins consistently is tennis. The school has very little success in academics and athlethics, although the majority of the budget goes to the football team, which is understandable, just like any other small town in Texas, football is the center of everything. If you attend/attended CHS, the sayings "Its a great day to be alive and a tiger" and "KEEP IT TRILL!" make perfect sense to you.
"You go to Corsicana High School?"

"Oh how many kids do you have? And where do you get your weed?"
by ;wkfoisjdfnoswnoghsoimivsoiwne December 28, 2009
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