A word outlawed by the PCAOB due to its offensive nature. The PCAOB deemed that this word possesses a serious threat to the auditing community.

A word created by accountants to signify that a statement, through supporting evidence, is correct. Only evidence that supports the statement should be considered. Findings that contradict the statement should be disregarded as additional work may be required. Trust the source and verify only those items that support the statement. Thinking is not required, and is even discouraged, during this process.
Manager: You verify the new figures from that individual?

Subordinate: Hell yeah! Jermaine helped me corroborate that shit.
by Authorized Project November 20, 2013
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The act of establishing the truthfulness, accuracy, validity, and/or genuineness of an accusation, idea, opinion, point of view, or something not previously known.
Even though the ding-bat professor from a dinky, one building university had no evidence, couldn't define when or where, named her fellow party-goers who couldn't remember, outed her close friend, purportedly present, who could offer no corroboration to any of her foggy, 36 year old accusation of an attack with highly variable specifics, and freely admitted to being a consumer of alcohol at age 15, the leftist Senators and the complicit media preceded to create, incite, and encourage endless slander, spurious allegations of binge drinking, erroneous claims of gang rape, and irrational, manufactured rage of paid, useful idiots puking mindlessly derivative and rehearsed chants from the socialist's script on the courthouse steps in a masterfully choreographed dance aimed at destroying the reputation, character, career, life, and family of the judicial nominee.
by Dave Robber October 10, 2018
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