3 definitions by Dave Robber

1)An arrogant, horny, nauseatingly stupid liberal congressman with impulse control issues who is now the punchline of countless jokes and innuendo.
2)A bad joke that writes itself.
3)An email, text, or tweet of your junk.
1)The act of emailing, texting, or tweeting someone a picture of your junk.
2)The act of blaming someone of hacking into your social networking account to Photoshop and/or distribute a picture of you and your junk (or someone else's junk).
by Dave Robber October 11, 2018
Unsustainable, government-subsidized, food burning
"I use ethanol in my Volvo XC90 (SUV) because ethanol takes more energy to produce than it yields and it's bad for my engine! Additionally, it takes food off peoples' tables and drives up the price of corn, which in turn, perpetuates world hunger and starvation."
by Dave Robber October 9, 2018
The act of establishing the truthfulness, accuracy, validity, and/or genuineness of an accusation, idea, opinion, point of view, or something not previously known.
Even though the ding-bat professor from a dinky, one building university had no evidence, couldn't define when or where, named her fellow party-goers who couldn't remember, outed her close friend, purportedly present, who could offer no corroboration to any of her foggy, 36 year old accusation of an attack with highly variable specifics, and freely admitted to being a consumer of alcohol at age 15, the leftist Senators and the complicit media preceded to create, incite, and encourage endless slander, spurious allegations of binge drinking, erroneous claims of gang rape, and irrational, manufactured rage of paid, useful idiots puking mindlessly derivative and rehearsed chants from the socialist's script on the courthouse steps in a masterfully choreographed dance aimed at destroying the reputation, character, career, life, and family of the judicial nominee.
by Dave Robber October 10, 2018