Meat eaters who went vegetarian but turned back into carnivores because of the Coronavirus pandemic and their desire for meaty comfort food from their childhood.
I went vegetarian for 10 years, but if I'm gonna die of Covid-19 I'm gonna eat that bacon cheeseburger I've been craving for the last decade. As long as I'm in quarantine, I'm a coronatarian!
by 24MMIASMF7 May 3, 2020
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A combination of the words Corona and Authoritarian. These two words are usually combined by libertarian folks who see lockdowns and masks as evil totalitarian gobberment intervention in their lives.
- "Bidenites have announced that masks will be mandatory for the end of time"

- What?! First my grill and now my God-given American right to not wear a mask? I swear man, these coronatarians are treading on us!!!
by Fatass Chinese Man September 7, 2020
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