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A bizarre conspiracy theory linking country, person, or technology to the coronavirus crisis.
Trump, aides flirt with China lab coronavirus coronaspiracy theory.
Bill Gates is now the leading target of coronaspiracy theories.
coronaspiracy theories claiming that 5G technology helps transmit coronavirus.
by MoElnagdy April 20, 2020
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A conspiracy theory surrounding some aspect of the coronavirus. It usually involves some nefarious plot by the powers that be, such as the Illuminati or the devil, or Bill Gates to use the virus as a means to achieve some ridiculous master plan. They are believed by covidiots and used as an excuse to engage in covidiot behavior, such as denying the existence of the disease or refusing to take the vaccine.
Have you heard the latest coronaspiracy theory? They are saying the coronavirus is nothing more than a cover-up orchestrated by Bill Gates to implant us with microchips through the vaccine and track us. Believers are refusing to get vaccinated.
by Prof. Gravy Boat Bananas January 21, 2021
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bIlL gAtEs VaCcInE

tHe GrEaT rEsEt



mAsKs ReStRiCt My BrEaThInG

mAsKs TaKe AwAy My Freedom!

mAiNsTrEaM mEdIa

gOvErNmEnT fUnDeD sCiEnTiSts

eViL gOvErNmEnT
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by STW 2004 May 03, 2021
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