A person who acts selfishly with unstoppable arrogance during times of world duress.
She acted like a true Coronahole when she purchased all the toilet paper, sanitary wipes, and hand sanitizer in the store.
by Mkalandar March 16, 2020
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What you turn into from drinking so much during “Stay at Home Orders” from the government. It’s devastating affects on the psyche demand more alcohol for the brain to cope.
I’ve had to stay home so long. I worry so much. I drink to cope with it all. I think I am a CoronaHolic..
by Sparkdog May 23, 2020
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The act of watching your plans get fucked by Covid 19 like the skinny bitch in C-block.
"We had tickets to ACL, but Austin has the worst infection rate in the country, so it's cancelled. Coronaholed again!"
Synonym: Covidholed
by Elevenstring July 5, 2020
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