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A person who cheers on its bro the coronavirus so people have to stay locked down and miserable just like the person.
Come to Buffalo Wild Wings with us, stop being a coronabro.
by Endurance Captain February 26, 2021
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A roommate who undergoes isolation from COVID19 with you. Due to the restrictions in social life, he may be the one that keeps you sane.
"I missed my girlfriend, but I am glad to have had my CoronaBro"
by mouldlottery August 24, 2020
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An ignorant fool who is convinced that the Coronavirus is no big deal because Clay Travis and Donald Trump told them to think this way. Corona bros are defined. Y a fundamental lack of common sense and empathy.
Jordan decided to ignore Jeremy because after reviewing his Twitter history, it became abundantly clear that he was dealing with an ignorant Corona Bro who didn’t care how many people die at the hand of Donald Trump’s ignorance.
by PoopFaire April 09, 2020
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