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A regrettable, public, yet hilarious (to some) night involving a large amount of alcohol. Often results in a trail of confusing clues to the toilet where you vomited last night.
I was so wasted last night, I can't remember what I did. Nikki told me I kicked Justin in the back and touched Cherchez's nose. Must be a cornrow morning!
by Noddle January 27, 2012
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Having a cornrow morning is when you have reached the point of inebriation that you probably are going to wake up on your friends couch and he/she is going to have to explain the entirety of the night.

This relates to getting cornrows for it is painful both teller and listener and aso requires the entire morning.
" looks like you are going to have a cornrow morning"
by cornrowmorning January 26, 2012
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