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Beautiful, amazing, talented girl.
She is shy and doesn't have much confidence. Is an lover, not a fighter and prefers peace. Isn't afraid to state her opinion in most cases. Many aspire to be like her. She is a wonderful partner, gives amazing hugs and is often known to be great in bed even though she has a shy trait.
Jack:Have you met Coralee yet?
Jack: You've got to, she's beautiful, and talented. Her only flaw is she's extremely shy and has no confidence
Andrew: Well, she'd be bad in bed though
Jack: Hell no, apparently thats what makes her even more ammazing, her skills ;)
by anon2806548124 December 20, 2011
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a person with a beautiful soul. she looks out for all she meets and never gives up. she has a rokin body and deserves that one specail guy, but that is hard to get when every guy is chasin after her. a loyal and trust worthy friend, makes the best of a bad situation
person 1:that chick is so nice!
person 2: fuck yeah, shes so a cora-lee
by emilybarbra. July 11, 2008
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