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I know she ain’t copin an additude with me
by Bonshekida October 29, 2017
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a thing u do right after copping out because you realize you really fucked up, or you just want to do the right thing even if it isnt something major.
i felt like skipping school cus of a new gta game that came out and i wanted to buy it as it was just released but i then i copped in when i got down to the store a block from the school. how i got caught, well almost did was when i made it to the highway, i seen a cop in his car havin his coffee in the store parking lot. i was gonna try to go around, but i resisted. but i managed to get behind a bush real quick before he seen me, then he left the parking lot to go back to the police station. then i ran back to the school as quick as i could before the bell rang for class to start. no one even found out about all that cus when i got in the school someone noticed i ran alot assuming i accidentally slept in and had to run to school to be there on time. so it all turned out well. i live in a town with like 3k ppl so there wasnt any cops along there till i made it to the store.
by nobody else here October 23, 2017
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