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The official unofficial language of the police when speaking to the public. Including: the press, in the courts, to witnesses or the general population.
Then the officer went right into Cop-speak."The subject was observed entering the a fore mentioned entry way. Documented to be breached around 1300 hours, the door was found to be, uh, dislodged with an unidentified object. The perp. was reportedly seen grasping that device by a reliable witness blah, blah, blah......"
by glamrocker October 06, 2009
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An exaggeratedly wordy jargon, frequently spoken in a mono-tone passive voice. Descriptive yet extremely vague, this is used when describing a situation in order to increase the appearance of intelligence or credibility, while cloaking truth in a mountain of syllables.
The police officer used cop-speak to convince the jury that the use of force was justified.
by Kirkury December 14, 2015
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