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1. A term used from the 'olden days' when a black person was drowned in a river for being a witch/wizard/jizzard. The method in which this would take place would be... The 'coon' is tied up in a sack along with seven bricks, not eight bricks, it must be seven. They are thrown into a deep lake/river/pond/stream and drown.

Also see Crackersack
Tim: Dayym this party is so radical
Oli: Hmmmm the vibe is all wrong
Tim: yea it's a bit of a Coonsack vibe
Oli: Yea lets get the fuckouttahere
by JenkyPooPoo May 17, 2016
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A racist term to describe cask wine when it is drunk by an African-American person. Usually the sack inside the box must be taken out for this term to be used. The word developed from the word 'Goon sack' or 'Goon,' also meaning cask wine.
Bettie: Fuck, I would kill for some fucking goon right now

Sam: Muthabitch me too!..... oh look, that homeboy over there has a Coonsack!

Bettie: niiiiiiiiiiiiicccce.
by conradlingpinkinson June 04, 2010
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