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A cool dude making cool music on YouTube. Has a thing for anime girls but doesn't everyone secretly?
Person 1: Cooltjo just made a new song!

Person 2: Ew that guy?
Person 1: *punches*
by Anonymous Shiba Inu July 30, 2018
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A slang term used to define a person who gets off to loli hentai. They are also a super famous YouTuber who likes nightcore and anime and games and books. They are often found sitting around the tv watching anime on one monitor with hardcore hentai compilations pumping out the other. They often blast moaning noises on their headphones that they cut from their favorite loli lesbian hentais.
Asswipe 1: Yo bro! You seen dat Cooltjo?
Asswipe 2: Yeet! He been slaying anime waifus on my christian Minecraft server!
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by SidedVirus Verbage July 22, 2018
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