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'Cool Yo Ass' is a phrase used to tell someone to either shut up, step back from a confrontation with the person who is saying the phrase or to tell an individual, or group of persons, to 'be cool', to 'calm down' and/or 'step back' from the situation.

'Cool Yo Ass' is a much much cooler way of saying 'calm down', 'chill out' or any other type of similar phrasing.

To 'Cool Yo Ass' is to either simply be cool or to 'have a Coke an a smile and chill the f**k out'

The action of 'Cool Yo Ass' (or more correctly 'Cooling Yo Ass') is to remain totally cool, calm and collective and basically 'brush the dirt off your shoulders' like it 'ain't no thang'.

This term was coined approximately around May 2009 in the city of Christchurch in Canterbury, New Zealand by a group of stand-up dudes who wish to remain nameless. So Cool Yo Ass...
Luke: "Oh my God! Duuuude, you just knocked that bouncer clean the fuck out!!! The cops are going to arrest us!!!"

Kane: "Cool Yo Ass."


Wendy (the racist bar manager/owner): "You, you and you, get the f**k out of my club now! ...I hate you Coconuts and Maoris!"

Kane: "Bitch, cool yo ass."
by Kommi Knocker June 04, 2009
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