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Effete, unmasculine person with pretensions to social status; pejorative for a diplomat.
I went to a party in Georgetown with a bunch of cookie-pushers; some of them even were speaking in French. Time to leave town!
by Cornholio October 28, 2003
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Psychotic serial killers disguised as little girls who peddle Thin Mints financing their bid for world domination. Often called "Girl Scouts".
I was stopped by a cookie pusher outside of Target, and felt obligated to buy a box of Thin Mints.
by fuckoffanddie March 30, 2005
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An effete type, given to dainty entertainments; a diplomat, pejoratively.
I went to the cocktail party; nothing but cookie-pushers talking about the Norman Mailer
by cornholio October 14, 2003
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