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It is a superior race (human being appearance, but their heart is made of crackers). It is a myth that has lasted 1000 years, it has been said that they are only two in the world, and someday they will be together and rule the world (Like Pinky and The Brain). The Female (called Cookita) has some deficiencies like: not combine watches with clothes, being so beautiful (yeah, this is a deficiency because she can kill Cookito), etc. On the other hand Cookito is more intelligent (little bit) and knows how to combine watches with his clothes. They share a lot of things, for example their favorite band is U2, and they love the same songs (Romeo and Juliet, Don’t stop believin, etc). Both are magnificent, especially her, she is so beautiful that now Cookito is crazy (a.k.a. Loquito); she is the most intelligent, pleasant, friendly person. If you want to know more about this kind of people look in Wikipedia for the definition of “perfection“ or listen to all U2´s songs…

Cookita´s Mom is also beautiful.
They have 100000 of nicknames (Cuco, Cooko, Cooka, Cookiet, Hermocook, Pinky, Cerebro, Burrita Sabanera, Burrito Sabanero, Galleta, Galleetc.)
Cookito knows EVERYTHING.
Cookita´s laugh sounds like a horse.
Cookito don’t know how to say contradicho, he always says contradecido (what an ignorant).
It is impossible that Cookito hurts Cookita.
Cookito adores Cookita more than anyone in the world.
Cookito is waiting for Cookita…
cookie cookies cookita cookito cookiet hermocook cookiardos
by JAGB June 21, 2011
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