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def 1: To dance spasticcaly

def 2: to have fun
ex 1: I'm going out tonight to Cooko the night away

ex 2: im havin a Cooko
by blast_from_the_past January 23, 2006
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1. God's cookies

2. When you're lazy stupid butt needs to go back to school because you can't even spell cookies right.
(As reference to 1)

Lester: I bet God likes to bake cookies.
Andilina: Those are cookoes.

(As reference to 2)
Lester: I'm so stupid I can't even spell cookoes right. I D I D I T A G A I N.
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Ballarat slang for someone who of which, has fried their brain from too many narcotics.
by Cooko101 August 09, 2016
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