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Convenient Christians are in that ever so broad group of God-worshipping hypocrit monkeys, who at any opportunity without fail break a multitude of commandments, whenever it so happens to aid their life.

These are often the ones found preaching to others on YouTube, or over Facebook, and when rivalled are completely ripped to shreds but still fail to concede. This is a sincere act by them, as they are literally so dumbfoundedly blind to any morsel of rational argument, they can't help but argue back.

I take every opportunity to 'preach' my thoughts to these people.

This is not a digg at the 'true' christians, who do not follow conveniently, but truely.
John: Ummm, Jane, why did you get completely drug-fucked and then have unprotected sex with that married man?

Jane: Mrjk I d ho where blo...

John: You're wasted...
Tim: I guess she's one of those convenient christians?
by Two Guns February 26, 2010
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