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A 24 to 36 oz can of beer. A can of beer so large that it can only be bought individually and not in a pack. Can be see strewn about construction sites and is named after the men who consume them.
Should we get some tall boys? No, lets get some chelada construction workers and get fucked up!
by Brewbank November 10, 2011
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Finishing move used by Jill Chapman on unassuming smart ass friends. Involves digging your pointy elbow into opponent's spine until they submit...or kick your ass. It isnt really a good move... but it has a good name,sucka.
" I am about to unleash a world of CONSTRUCTION WORKER pain upon you!!!!!"
by Jiller* October 15, 2003
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A woman who uses tools to her advantage.
Dante: "Dude Allison is such a Construction Worker, she played me like card."

Jake:Yeah but dude you're a tool for not realizing that

by Axl4325235465465 April 5, 2011
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A person that only purpose is to occasionally sit on their phone and drink tims instead of work.
Also can be see walking around the school just to boost moral of the students so they have hope that the school will be built soon.
Also lies a lot saying that the school will be done by november but everybody know that it won't be. The only qualifications to be a GLSS construction worker is to be slower than molasses going uphill and as useless as a bag full of shit.
Yo this man a GLSS construction worker he dont do anything except do as little as possible to get paid
by my preferred pronouns are hehe September 25, 2019
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Those creepy dudes that friend hot women only to leave random comments in their photo section, usually of their bikini or clubwear/slutwear pics....said dudes are usually 1) Twice the age of the woman and/or 2) Foreigners and/or 3) Borderline Pedos. The FB equivalent of the construction worker hooting at women on the street
"Lookin good, hot mama...yeahhh" (hear it in the voice of Cheech, it's funnier)..or "ur so hot!!!!!"...or "I and you can to be the togetherness people for long time"...are typical Facebook Construction Worker phrases....
by weaselpuppy June 8, 2010
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A Construction Worker's Cleavaga can be spotted when a construction worker wears slightly oversized pants. After a while you can see the top of his ass crack.
Lift up your pans George, you've got a Construction Worker's Cleavage
by jormeidt July 23, 2009
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