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Conspirology is from Latin: (conspiratio - conspiracy); and Greek: (λογία - logia), is the scientific study of the nature, causes and effects, extent, control, and prevention of conspirational behaviour in both the individual and in society.

Conspirology is an interdisciplinary field in the speculative sciences, drawing especially upon the research of criminology, sociology, politology, psychology and psychiatry, anthropology, history, theology as well as other related disciplines.
Conspirology is used by truthsayers and whistleblowers in order to detect, solve and expose conspiracies.
by Ubermesch May 30, 2016
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Unified theory of conspirology: When something wrong is caused by humans and the effect is detected by the right side who can comprehend and explain what is wrong in a clear and concise way by using logic and science, it's an anomaly. If the wrong side seems unable to understand and unwilling to end the anomaly in time of detection deliberately, it means conspiracy, therefore the wrong side must be contained and eliminated as soon as possible.

1st conspirology law: If you can think of any conspiracy that may physically exist, it already does. The main problem is to detect, solve and expose it, which is the conspiracy paradox.

2nd conspirology law: Once can be a mistake. Twice can be a coincidence. Thrice is a pattern. The third time any phenomenon or action is to be acknowledged as conspiracy axiomatically.

3rd conspirology law: Any well educated adult committing mistakes in own profession, or denial of obvious logic and factual evidences is to be acknowledged as conspirator axiomatically.

Conspirology is based on detection and deduction of delusions:

Detection: "Never attribute to stupidity that which is adequately explained by malice, is a start for research of the truth." - Unknown

Deduction: "When you have eliminated all the impossible, whatever remains, however, even if implausible must be the truth." - Conan Doyle

Delusion: "When you have eliminated all the possible, whatever remains, however, even if improbable must be the lies." - Tiziano Sclavi
Conspirology studies, detects, solves and exposes conspiracies.
by Ubermesch September 26, 2017
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