An Italian name of a male gender, the English translation is Titian. It comes from the Lation word "Titianus", patronymic of the Roman gens name "Titius". The name was made famous by Tiziano Vecellio, who is one of the most import painters of World's history. People with that name are intelligent, smart and educated. Their beauty, sense of humor and romanticism will make you fall in love. Their big Italian dick will make you want to spend every day of your life together. If you find a Tiziano, never let him go.
Tiziano is an Italian name.
by YankeeCandlesSmellBad January 19, 2018
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Tiziano is an Italian name of male gender. It comes from Latin, but was made famous by some figures such as the painter Tiziano Vecellio (the most important member of the 16th-century Venetian school).

Usually smart and well educated, with a love for travels, art and culture. Often handsome, with extremely beautiful eyes. If you find one make sure you don't lose him. His sense of humor is what you won't be able to live without. He can surely be weird at times, but don't get scared, his kindness and sweetness will make you forget it. His Italian accent will make him a great lover, his Italian dick will make him even sexier. Tiziano Ferro is also a very famous Italian singer.
Tiziano was a great guide. He made me see all the best Italian cities!
by YankeeCandlesSmellBad March 23, 2018
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‘omg tiziano is such a fricking kwl person’

‘he’s defo a tiziano!’
by wag1 my g June 20, 2019
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Tiziano,es un Dios Defensor persona fuerte,amable,atractivo,Tiziano es una persona muy nalgona ,y bueno en la cama
by Milagros SZ February 10, 2018
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Very famous italian singer-songwriter known around the world as well. One of his most famous songs is "Perdono" sung also in English.
Song quote "Perdono, for everything I've done you have to know I'm so sorry..."
by Ciro Martinelli July 11, 2005
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a good-looking italian R&B singer who claimed that columbia is too dangerous, salvador never exists, and mexican women have beard with the exception of Salma Hayek, therefore totally lost the market in Latin America.
by songs are good November 28, 2006
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