Short simple way to tell some one to kill themselves
Kid:Hey,whats up guys
Kid 2: Seriouslly just consider it
by Ian Ruder March 8, 2005
to think about, to question.
he had to consider this offer before accepting it or turning it down.
by 105yellows. November 29, 2017
to be able to take one's breath away without returning it, figuratively.
There was sudden consident within Kayla's mind today after she saw Brooke.
by belvemoose January 10, 2011
Considering - a short way of saying it.
Considering that I only slept 2 hours, it is pretty amazing that I managed to party hard.

Consids I only slept 2 hours,....
by xIndia-Indiax November 17, 2008
Something that they "are" what they are meant to be.
The US states are considered states, not countries
by Booty_Hunter27 April 15, 2017