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Written or spoken with the intent to confuse, to serve the purposes of the writer or speaker (Most commonly, to seem more knowledgeable) and appropriately baffle the reader or listener.
Teacher - "The fragility of complex sentences is a constituent of their inter-capricity, further exaceberated by superfluous mechanisms of contra-dialogue and insistence-resistance, multiplied by hyperbole and disenfranchisement of discourse..."

Student - (Whispers) "Why, he's just being confusionistic"

Person A - "Well you see conductor, I had already bought the ticket, but then I submitted an application of referral because, you see, there had been an error in the date processing within the system, which meant it was charged for tomorrow, so the transaction is still waiting to be re-admitted, until which time the assistant manager said no further action should be taken less it upsets the process"

(The conductor walks away, baffled)

Person B - "Very confusionistic! good work!"
by Words Wired Weird February 04, 2008
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