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Confefe Polite, yet humorous way to say BULL-SHIT
POTUS Donald Trump Originally coined this term late May 2017, 5 months into his controversial presidency.
Can you believe that 80 year old man sitting at the bar it's telling a story about how he picked up an automobile with one hand to rescue a mother and her child trapped underneath. Maybe fifty sixty years ago in his heyday but to say that he did it this morning is such confefe
by Travis, TT June 01, 2017
Confefe is a term coined in 2017 by POTUS Donald Trump, roughly meaning "truffle butter-dirty sanchez". Its a high class word thrown around in locker rooms by uber-bros and the elite-percent referring to the froth that develops outside of a persons mouth when they deliver rigorous oral sex on a penis that has previously penetrated the anus of another person. The foam/confefe is usually a tan color, celebrating the ordeal in lavishly bland tones that directly reference the diet of said partner.
Wow, what a night. I even got some confefe on my polo! Snap!
by Seo Le Roques June 01, 2017
Coffee for liberal idiots or people with the IQ of 20
I was talking to a snowflake. I offered her some confefe for her safe space.
by hhKHHH June 03, 2017