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Dude, I totally became a Conder right there when I beat up half the kids in my school.
by Gtfy8345 November 04, 2013
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To make a severe lapse in judgement. To neglect logic or reasoning. To make obvious errors without consideration, or forethought of consequences, usually over extended periods of time.


As a state of mind, it can be described as the absence of thought processes, of reason, and/or of logic. Can also be a complete misunderstanding of a situation, that defies the realms of logic, similar to the denial of reality.

May be capitalized for emphasis, when written.


Typically used to describe a person of paradoxical thought patterns. A thinking person that by all means should not and cannot exist according to environmental constructs and societal standards, but exists regardless. A Cache 22 situation in physical, organic form.

Can be attached to other words, to add similar meaning.
As a noun and verb:

Only a Conder knows what it is thinking; but to conder is to suggest lack of thought. Therefore, even a Conder knows not what it conders.

As an adjective:

Person A: "I'm being stalked by this weird girl I used to be friends with, she follows me from a distance and lies about me to my friends."
Person B: "She told me you tried to "buy her" with expensive gifts and that you couldn't handle being rejected by her."
Person A: "See what I mean? That doesn't even make sense! Why is it that she's angry and stalking me, if she claims that I can't handle her rejection? I never even asked her out!?"
Person B: "Ah, she must be a conder creeper then."
Person A: "A what?"
Person B: "Exactly."
by KommKarl December 01, 2011
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I chased that bitch around da conder(cawnder) after he shot at my boy.
by Fes October 09, 2003
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