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Awesome word created by the best
Has four main definitions...

1. (noun) Awesomer way of saying Easter grass or plasticy confetti
2. (noun) Any item that isn't supposed to be on the ground (according it your parents/roommates) but YOU want it on the ground or are too lazy to pick it up
3. (noun) The awesomest mispronounced word in the English language
4. (verb) To create a funny moment or memory for you and your friends, potentially screwing yourself over in the process

Basically, the best word to ever exist

Origin: North-East USA April 2006
1. I need some concerter for my Easter basket.
2. My computer and phone cords are my concerter.
3. Concerter is awesome!!!!
4. Duuude, you were soooo cocertering last night.
by aria&spencer May 03, 2014
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