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-Unpleasant sensations experienced after excessive time spent in front of a computer

-Hangover from too much computer(much like from hangover from too much alcohol). You may experience feeling of dizziness, headache, tiredness of eye, and illusion of computer screen moving in rippling motion.
I got a computer hangover from C++ programming non-stop for last 24 hours!
by Carolita7 November 06, 2007
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A computer hangover is the feeling you get when you've been on the computer or texting or watching a movie or playing video games all day. Depending on the person, it can also occur after a few hours or even thirty minutes. Computer hangovers almost never occur when accompanied by another person, either because of the desire to impress them or because you were engaged in another activity (e.g. talking, thinking, or...) instead of just spacing. The effects of a computer hangover can be achieved as well by spacing for a day, lying on the couch for five hours, but lets see you try that.

-- headaches
-- slight naseau (depending on the person)
-- dry taste in mouth
-- extreme dislike of sunlight
-- sudden attraction to couch
-- loss of will to do anything other than just lie there
-- hunger or thirst (seeing as to you haven't probably left the couch for a few hours)
-- loss of memory for most of that day
-- empty sleepiness

-- a cool shower
-- a glass of cold water
-- more computer (WARNING: temporary! Your computer hangover will get worse afterwards.)
-- time, time time!
-- calling a friend to chat
-- reengaging your mind with something required like homework (WARNING: no media should be involved, or your computer hangover will not be helped at all!)
-- Going outside for a quick run/walk
-- Washing your face with a cold cloth
-- Changing your clothes, brushing your hair, doing new makeup, "freshening up"
A: Dang, I've got one sick comp hangover. geez, this sucks. Can you grab me some water?
B: Sure. Dude, you have such a Computer Hangover. (Brings A a glass of water). So, how 'bout that homework?
B: I told you earlier, you have homework.
A: Nooo! I can't think at all right now.
B: You really don't remember?
A: Nothing. Nilch. Nada.
by InsanityisSexy:) May 18, 2011
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Stay up for 24- hours on the computer then next day you feeling sleeply head.
Me- (yawning)

Teacher- ooh, are you stay up late?
Me- yes... computer Hangover I guess.
by sownerzz April 13, 2011
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