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A tired feeling that cannot easily be satisfied by sleep. You may be able to fall asleep, but since it is not caused by physical exhaustion, it may be harder. It is a main symptom of a Computer Hangover and is not a pleasant feeling. Though it is not pleasant, the feeling is somewhat addictive for a lazy teen with an empty Saturday to fill. It is also a sign that you are becoming a couch potato.

-- Computer Hangover
-- couch-potato-ness
-- a nap (grogginess after waking)
-- extreme mental exercise
-- above symptoms accompanied by a dull headache

-- a cool shower
-- a glass of cold water IMMEDIATELY AFTER to cure as soon as possible.
-- another nap (WARNING: temporary! Your exhaustion will get worse afterwards.)
-- time, time time!
-- calling a friend to chat
-- reengaging your mind with something required like homework (WARNING: no media should be involved, or your empty sleepiness will not be helped at all!)
-- Going outside for a quick run/walk
-- Washing your face with a cold cloth
-- Changing your clothes, brushing your hair, doing new makeup, "freshening up"

A: Dude, you OK? You look terrible....
B: Yeah.... Ugh, I'm so tired.
A: Tired?! You just slept!
B: I'm just starting to wake up. I've got such a dull headache.
A: Homeboy, that's what we call "empty sleepiness." Here, lemme get you some water.


A: I'm so tired...
B: Why? You've done absolutely NOTHING useful this entire afternoon.
A: Yeah, but videogames are exhausting.
B: No, not really.
A: Mentally, not physically, you dufus.
B: Eh, whatever. You've paid for your sins in the form of a computer hangover....

A: Water? Please?
B: (reluctantly) I guess so...
by InsanityisSexy:) May 18, 2011
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