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1.) Any program on your computer that reproduces its code
2.) Any program on your computer that completely fucks it up and disables its ability to work properly
3.) A said program that you probably got when you opened an e-mail you didn't know who it was from or downloaded something that you didn't know what it was
4.) Windows
Person 1: My computer keeps crashing, I think it has a virus.
Person 2: Did you open any emails you recieved from a stranger?
1: No.
2: Did you download any strange files?
1: No.
2: Are you running Windows?
1: Yes.
by Definition DemonX October 09, 2004
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A computer virus is a type of malicious software, it can take on many forms. from a fake antivirus software to a trojan.

There are 3 critical stages to a virus

The infection

The payload

The execution phase

The infection stage starts when the user getting the virus installs the virus on the target's computer

The payload activates when the infection mechanism executes the virus

The execution starts when the payload is released.
Guy 1: *installs a virus*

Antivirus: You have a virus.

Guy 1: removes the virus

Guy 1: learns to never install computer viruses from phishy websites
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by sugose February 02, 2019
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