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When someone essentially insults themself in order to get sympathy from other people. A flirting tactic used by many girls.
Guy: Hi, what's wrong?
Girl: *sigh* I look awful today!
Guy: No you don't! You look absolutely wonderful!
Girl: No, I don't. Stop being nice.
Guy: I'm serious, you do! You're the most beautiful girl in the world, you couldn't look better!
Girl: I guess... but I'm stupid.
Guy: No you're not! You're 50 million times smarter than me!

... and this compliment fishing goes on. Don't fall for it, guys. It usually leads you to a girl who will dump you unless you compliment their every move and become their slave.
by MrCuddles September 22, 2006
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Putting oneself down to others to evoke sympathy from others especially regarding ones appearance. Typically happens after a break-up.
Fisher: "Oh my gosh, I feel so awful now..."
Sucker: "What do you mean?"
Fisher: "I mean...I just *sigh*...I don't know."
Sucker: "Seriously, what is it?"
Fisher: "I just wish I could still wear my size 0 pants."
Sucker: "No! You look so amazing right now! You're perfect and don't let anyone tell you otherwise!"
Fisher: "I guess *sigh* Thanks."

That my friends, was a prime example of compliment fishing. Don't be suckered.
by OStateGrl08 June 03, 2006
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