A word used by MTPs (management training programs) across the universe for a variety of reasons. 1. To let someone know that they are sweatin' you too much. 2. To let someone, or something, know to hurry up. 3. To express frustration. 4. To let people know that their taking way too long bringing the natural lights back from the white trash bbq. 5. To tell people know that it's cool to drink and drive. 6. In response to dropping a weight on someone's head. They may need stitches, but come on
1. Come on now, yous is sweatin' my s*** like crazy.
2. Come on now, yous is so slow.
3. Come on now.
4. Come on now!
5. Come on now?
by Snobrdr854854 November 30, 2005
a phrase made and used by Halisa Ibisevic.
that’s not my pencil, come on now.
by li$o November 14, 2020
something dream (the minecraft youtuber) says when someone isn’t showing their full potential, or he’s annoyed, or somethings bs. he says it in his sexy deep voice 😻 that makes everyone love it. he also says ‘oh god’ and ‘alright’ in the same voice and everyone goes crazy for it
~while speedrunning~
ghast: *shooting fireballs*
dream: oh come on now..
by notdream October 8, 2020
A redneck woman tell you to come back to where you are when you are leaving, and then asking if you heard her.
Bye, Ya'll come back now! Ya hear?
by petrabaye April 18, 2011
A very common saying that means to hurry along a beautiful woman. Preferably to a bedroom
Come now jersey cow, the man said to his intended lover.