A Combat Barbie is a hard as nails girl who looks hot. She is the kind of girl who wears designer clothes but doesn't care if she drags them through three feet of mud to get a taxi home. Even so when she wears anything it appears to be an item of designer clothing, even when it is not. She exudes confidence and has brains as well as looks.

She is intimidating and may be taller than an average girl. Even though she probably wears makeup she just looks naturally stunning. She can kill with just a look. The air observed by a man that receives mere attention, a grope, a kiss or full sexual contact from a Combat Barbie is that of gratitude. Men and women worship her even though they know she will tread on them.

A Combat Barbie will generally be found few and far between and are generally prized girlfriends, worshiped from afar and envied by other girls. A Combat Barbie will usually not be a gossip and unlike her antithesis the Bimbo does not generally associate with a large group of girls similar in appearance to herself. However a Combat Barbie will always be a topic of conversation for others, most of these people do not have the confidence to talk to her personally. Unlike the Bimbo the Combat Barbie is not needy, may have a place in many friendship groups and can easily talk to others from seemingly totally different groups as she is not threatened by difference.

It is easy for a Combat Barbie to become self obsessed. She is usually at some points in her life the target of hate campaigns or sabotage by others who envy her. These two things can easily be her undoing and can lead her towards behaving more like a Bimbo or losing her confidence at which point her status may be lost.

A true Combat Barbie usually has solid family and friends who help keep her head on the ground. She will be unaware of most of the things said about her unless she becomes famous. Without a strong support system and someone who reality checks her, a Combat Barbie can loose her status easily. To be a Combat Barbie is a position of social and sexual power, which can be short-lived. It involves maintaining an almost sociopath disregard for what others think and at the same time social game playing at an expert level.
"Watch out she's some combat barbie!" <indicating to a friend he will have to lift his game to get this girl to go near him>

Ted to Tim "you think you're going to shag that girl you were chatting to at the bar tonight?"
Tim to Ted <shrugs to show he's not too sure> "She's one combat barbie. I'll be so lucky".

"Wow princess you a combat barbie!" <an exclamation of surprise when a girl who with an incredibly groomed appearance does something which shows she's tough/strong/resourceful/intelligent.>

Ross: “Nah Chardine was way too much of a Combat Barbie if you know what I’m saying. She kept coming out with all that stuff, it made me look like a fool. I didn’t work this hard to be a Dr and then have some bitch make me feel like that. I want me a fine little nurse who’ll look good on my arm – u know what I’m sayin!”.
<they handslap then sit down to watch the game>
Pete: “You know everyone’s saying Chardine wasn't into you”
Ross: “Erm…”
Pete: “Isn’t she seeing that brain surgeon from New Zealand?”
Ross: “Well…”
Pete: “I saw her with the dude yesterday. I didn’t know you n Chardine were serious!” <laughing> “what was it man? Like one date”.
<they sit silently for a moment>
Pete: "did you even get in her pants? I would love get near that tight ass!".

"I gotta get me that Combat Barbie, I'm done with these bimbos. When I get her I'm gonna marry her".
by LoisLane January 20, 2006
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Flimsy, poorly made contact sports, martial arts or MMA gear marketed to women.

In the case of boxing gloves or protective equipment, the materials and manufacturing will generally be substandard and not designed to last or to actually be used. But the product will be more expensive than the higher quality prodcuct marketed to men. The price discrepancy is possibly due to the lower volume of sales expected, but more likely due to the prevailing belief that women are stupid and will buy any random piece of junk provided it's pink.

In the case of MMA board shorts and fight clothing, Combat Barbie wear is designed to attract male attention by being low-cut, flimsy, impractical, and garish. It is often hard to train in without accidentally exposing oneself.
Q: "When are you going to buy a decent pair of board shorts?"
A: "When they come out with something that fits and that isn't Combat Barbie."

Q: "Have you had a chance to roll jits with the new chick?"
A: "No, she's dressed all Combat Barbie so she doesn't really train."

Q: "How's the pink gi holding up?"
A: "Pretty well actually. I thought it was just Combat Barbie, but I've worn it for a month and it's still like new."
by Squeaky_74 February 2, 2011
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