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Flimsy, poorly made contact sports, martial arts or MMA gear marketed to women.

In the case of boxing gloves or protective equipment, the materials and manufacturing will generally be substandard and not designed to last or to actually be used. But the product will be more expensive than the higher quality prodcuct marketed to men. The price discrepancy is possibly due to the lower volume of sales expected, but more likely due to the prevailing belief that women are stupid and will buy any random piece of junk provided it's pink.

In the case of MMA board shorts and fight clothing, Combat Barbie wear is designed to attract male attention by being low-cut, flimsy, impractical, and garish. It is often hard to train in without accidentally exposing oneself.
Q: "When are you going to buy a decent pair of board shorts?"
A: "When they come out with something that fits and that isn't Combat Barbie."

Q: "Have you had a chance to roll jits with the new chick?"
A: "No, she's dressed all Combat Barbie so she doesn't really train."

Q: "How's the pink gi holding up?"
A: "Pretty well actually. I thought it was just Combat Barbie, but I've worn it for a month and it's still like new."
by Squeaky_74 February 01, 2011

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