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1. The trade of goods between early Europe and the Americas that resulted in large cultural and material gains for European countries widespread disease in the unprepared American native tribes.

2. When a long term partner takes advantage of the other by not telling them about their herpes.
I think Chris pulled a Columbian Exchange on me last night
by Thorsbanjo September 12, 2011
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When two men masturbate while facing each other so that their semen strikes each other midair.
Yeah dude, me and my bro tried the Columbian Exchange. It was totally chill
by chillbrochill69 November 06, 2010
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The unfortunate situation when two groups of biddies that you have been hanging out with separably finally meet each other and the lines of communication open. Just like when Columbus found North America and the Western and Eastern hemisphere exchanged large amounts of communicable disease.
Hey man don't tell Shaniqua that we are going out tonight because Lashonda will be out too, we do not want another Columbian Exchange.
by thegregman April 26, 2012
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The act of fingering a girls ass while receiving a hardcore yet very satisfying blowjob.
Ej: That blowjob was awesome last night!

Lacy: If you didn't give me the columbian exchange, last night would've sucked!
by Poppa Bear 69 March 25, 2014
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