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A form of the name "Colton" and "Colten" made to look more cute by unoriginal mothers. It also can be used to signify the Y chromosome, which makes the name extra manly, though it seems to look more feminine. It is likely that this person is going to go through life having their name misspelled and mispronounced until death. Retards will commonly pronounce this name as "Clayton" or "Caitlyn" upon reading it on paper.

This person will grow into a mass murderer and kill all those who spell their name and mispronounce their name the wrong way eventually. But chances are they will just go home and cry about it after school everyday.
"C-clayton is there a c-clayton or caitlyn in this room?" "Oh your name is Colton? I thought it was clayton" "COLTYN WOW THAT IS A COOL WAY TO SPELL THAT NAME" "bro why is there a y in your name?"
by Lynces September 07, 2016
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