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Usually a male. Cute and very good with girls also has an amazing body😍 All the girls will want a colter. Also a very good wingman
Who was that?

That was colter hot huh?
by Bruh2456 March 27, 2017
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Usually a larger man. Can often be found smoking hookah. Usually has dreadlocks. Great with women and is an awesome wingman.
by drdreads92 February 28, 2010
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When a guy who has been with a girl for a really long time makes up a rumor/lie that hes gay to break up with her and not break her heart/make her have a bitch fit.
"Dude, Rob broke up with Wendy today."
"Oh really? I bet she flipped the fuck out."
"Nah, he told everyone he was gay, he pulled a fuckin' Colter."
by chrisdonathan January 28, 2009
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An amazing boy who is nice, kind, and not at all homicidal. He is very good with girls, and only has to keep asking then out like, 50 times, to get them to answer him with something other than a slap. He's also an amazing wingman. Just ask Jesus Mondragon. Also, girls dump him fast. It's actually amazing. All he has to do is ghost them, and he doesn't even get shit from her friend for breaking up with her. He gets tired of them after a couple weeks though. Please don't read this if colter is currently trying to date you. And he's a greaser. Not sure that it matters though. And he has an addiction to snorting lemonade.
Colter is a whole snack.
by JamesDean12 May 14, 2019
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