A wonderful guy that can make you smile when your upset. Someone that you can trust, handsome, talented, adorable and loving. Doesnt always share, but does once in awhile does. Always thinking of you. Amazing at anything, kind of lazy but fun to be around. Best guy to snuggle and just laze around with, doing nothing can be fun. Easy to fall in love with and most definatly someone to call mine.
"Colten." makes me feel loved.
by Xerath; December 18, 2011
The best guy you could ever be with. He gives the best foot rubs and his kisses are fireworks-in-the-background worthy. He would do anything to see you smile. If you have a Colten, you're the luckiest girl in the world.
That's my Colten.
by Natyr July 31, 2016
Smexy Male attack helicopter (Apache) usually defending Capitalism and USA or doing random stuff, drinking the tears of libtards and helping trump doing stuff, next mission: taking care of North Korea.
by Panda_Wizards September 20, 2017
Colten is a name that is usually givin to a person who grows up to be a great, awesome, funny, nice, kind, sweet, caring, loving guy.
Person 1: Colten is such a GREAT guy
Person 2:I know right
by .:Zero:. July 5, 2011
Colten is the funniest guy ever, he is the BEST boyfriend, he is good with kids and is a loving partner to any girl he is with. Coltens mostly have dirty blonde hair and beautiful blue eyes any girl could get lost in.
Girl 1 : Wow Colten is soo cute <3
Girl 2 : I know right!! I wish Colten was my boyfriend!
by Lyina September 24, 2018
Colten, an all around amazing person. He will make you smile even when your sad, he will make you laugh even when your about to cry, and he will calm down even if your about to explode. Having a Colten in your life is something that everyone should have and you should never let go. They are kind, compassionate, caring, athletic, sympathetic, loving, considerate, courageous, ambitious, diligent, and very intuitive. They know when your upset or sad without you even telling them and they know what to say and when to say it when you are. They love running and are always up for a card game, but watch out because colten’s are very competitive and are not up for losing. They always put family and friends first and am always thinking about the next way they can make a person smile. If you meet a Colten you should never let them go.
I wish I had more Colten’s in my life.
by Soccerdancegirl February 11, 2019
That is so Colten
by Disco Pat October 23, 2008