When a country that is negatively perceived by the US government undergoes a revolution or coup that aligns it with A pro US domestic government, often with covert or open American support.

Often used derisively to describe coups under which the US covertly supports that enforces extreme forms of austerity, shock therapy, and/or military occupation with widespread human consequences.
I was a doctor in my home country, but then there was a Color Revolution, now I work as a prostitute.
by Slav666 February 9, 2022
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Former Soviet-Union states and Eastern European republics that made their own counter-versions of the people's Red Revolution. Here's a list:
-Velvet: Czech Republic (1989).
-Rose: former-Russia state Georgia (2003).
-Orange: former-Russia state Ukraine (2004). Also called the 'Chestnut' revolution.
-Tulip: former-Russia state Kyrgystan (2005).
The Arab world has its own kind of color revolutions:
-Purple: Iraq's 2005 1st elections.
-Cedar: Lebanon's end of the Syrian 'occupation' or military prescence in 2005.
by hammer---;, hytham April 15, 2007
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