Collett is a strong surname, meaning Power and Wealth, Many people with the surname Collett are attractive sexy human beings.
You're as pretty as a Collett
by Sexy_love March 18, 2009
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she will make the bestest friend ever, she's loyal & a hella baddie, she's one of the funniest people you'll ever meet and HELLA HOT.
damn Collette is on fire!
by littest March 01, 2017
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Collette is a let loose, but be careful kind of girl. She will take a risk, but stop if she knows something is wrong. Collette is a great example of beauty, and grace. Her smile can light up a room, her fashion is stunning, and you know she has those curves. Collette will listen to you, through the bad and the worse, and she would never judge you. She's there when you need her, and she won't leave your side until she knows everything is alright. She's a book worm, and is extremely smart. She is a great S.O, who will take care of you, and love you unconditionally, but she is also a great friend. If you meet a Collette, never let her go, she is pretty sensitive.
Guy 1: Dang, I've been dreaming about Collette all day!

Guy 2: Me too, bro!
by AKA:thetruth May 02, 2021
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A beautiful funny girl who likes to stay out of drama. She is the type of girl you are secretly jealous of. she is very athletic and fast. She will always be extremely smart. You are lucky to be her friend. And if she has a boyfriend she is probably keeping it a secret. She often makes friends who's names start with an A and like a boy who's name starts with the letter G. You are very lucky if you know someone with the Name Collette.
Collette is Gorgeous.
by 123itsmeAva:} December 01, 2017
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Girls named collette are fucking hot as hell.
they have a pretty smile

gorgeous eyes
kickin curves
fine ass
they know what they want and get it
and they're great friends
guy1:Damn did you see that chick?
guy2:No who was it?
guy1:It was Collette
guy2:oh damn that girl is fine and she got a nice ass too!
by kdsurfer October 21, 2009
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The best thing since raves or the coolest chick ever known to man. Promises an awesome time
WOW, i hung-out with that chick last night she's so a Collette!
by intensityFTW July 14, 2009
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awesome girl who can't fly even though she's half asian and has a french name.
by n-n-nick August 07, 2006
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