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The state of clothing or fabric that is not exactly clean, but still not too dirty to use or wear. As most college students are too lazy or broke to clean their fabrics regularly, they will wait until everything is no longer "College Clean" before washing.
Guy 1: hey man didnt you wear that shirt the other day?

Guy 2: yeah, but its fine, its still college clean
by abesmartazz2 July 26, 2010
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If it looks clean, it is. Refers to quickly washing dishes and utensils with just water while using hands to scrap off food particles. Often satisfactory for busy and exhausted college students.
The students were too busy studying to do chores so they gave the dishes a college clean.
by PinkPanzer February 28, 2011
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1. As close to clean as things ever get on college campuses. So many people use the same space in college that, no sooner than something is cleaned, it gets dirty again.
I feel sorry for the cleaning lady. No matter how many times a day she washes the windows the student's grubby fingerprints ensure that the windows are never more than college clean.
by billyoh November 05, 2008
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