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Too much effort to write out "cock"
A very unique term of telling someone they're a dickhead, or just a dick.
Mostly said by illiterate people over the internet trying to sound funny.
Richard: U R A COK
John: Thanks, dick.
by Entima July 05, 2009
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an acronym for the instance of a cat on your keyboard. can be DOK if you have a dog, but it's not suggested to try it.
Dude: dflaj;agieoj
Dude: COK
by cvncpu September 26, 2005
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The hilarious result of placing your finger over the "e" in the "Coke" logo.
(Places thumb over "e" in "Coke")
Boy: Heh. Cok.
by ethanluke July 17, 2011
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