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When a gay couple cannot decide who will be the "top" and who will be the "bottom" for the night, or in the relationship.

This was originally explored in the Brokeback Mountain scene where the roles were determined via a hearty wrestling match when they began exploring their newfound homosexuality.

Coin Tossers are commonly "new" homosexuals who are still discovering if they prefer giving or taking for the long run, or can simply be a couple who has similar tastes and the Dominant role in the relationship has not been established.
"That bear couple look exactly the same, all burly and hairy, which one is the top or the bottom, or do you think they are coin tossers?"

"Those twinks are both pretty girly, you think they are coin tossers?"

"Did you hear that Chuey and Jesus decided they are gay and started dating? Since they are new at ass love they decided to be coin tossers till they figure out which position suits them"
by Grepdogg1 August 03, 2009
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A person who changes sexual preferences and sexual identities alot. Someone who will become attracted to same sex gender at the flip of a switch, or "tossing of the coin". Someone who will randomly change their entire sexual identity without much thought (ie Hetero to Drag queen).
"Oh no! Donna, why is my boyfriend Dave sucking Bob's dick?" "Amy, didn't you know he was a coin-tosser when you met him? Yesterday he was dressed in drag and kissing my mother."
by Faqa U January 15, 2006
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(a) a man who attempts to cover his homosexuality by acting macho, sporty, or beefy. (b) a sports player on the down-low
Butch is such a coin-tosser; he lifted weights for 3 hours, then fucked Mike in the ass.
by Frank Monroe January 16, 2005
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