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Cohesive is an effective connection and/or combination characterized by or causing strong attachment, adherence, constancy, loyalty, faithfulness, commitment or dedication out of being together.
Adverbs; Cohesive, Cohesion Cohesively, Cohesiveness.
E.g. 1: Farmers worked cohesively the whole year to ensure their product is ready for the export.
E.g. 2: Family unit can be a cohesive force in society.
E.g. 3: Cohesion and togetherness have many things in common. (non-contextual sentence).

E.g. 3²: For example, when a living organism such as human's body gets wounded for example, your flesh takes a certain time to recover a wounded place. Your blood cells hemocytes and erythrocytes creating a process of cohesion to smoothly and effectively make a repairment in your body and return your skin to its previous original form.
E.g. 4: This team may not be in the best shape for this year, physically, but the amount of cohesiveness they ooze by creating a strong bond as a collective, putting their faith rather on a team than on an individual player, may lead them to a triumphant path.
by moozymathers May 19, 2019
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