an extremelly crazy guy who like to skate off roofs and jump off them.
Person:"Whoa, you jumped of a roof, such a Cody!"
Cody:"I know."
by invisogirl November 05, 2008
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One AMAZING guy. He is popular, athletic, funny, and treats everyone nicely. He is also smart. He doesn't do drugs or drink. He actually cares about girls he has feelings for, and treats them great, but in the end always ends up hurt by them. He is obsessed with Lil Wayne and wakeboarding. And LOVES Pineapple express.
Girl 1: Does your boyfriend treat you nice?
Girl 2: Yeah.. He is such a Cody <3

Coach 1: How good do you think that player can be?
Coach 2: He might be a Cody.

Dude 1: Dude your hilarious!!
Dude 2: Yeah, but not as funny as cody.
by petepablo April 13, 2009
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1) a unit for penis size (8 inches)

2) a unit for attractiveness (range varies)

2) known for being god like or having god like powers. He can undress women with his mind. He is the original master of the force. His sperm count is so high magnum condoms cannot contain it. He is the lesser known younger brother of Chuck Norris.
1) "My penis is like .5 Cody's"

2) "I wish my boyfriend was as Cody as yours"

2) "Oh my gosh he is such a Cody my shirt came off by itself"
by Who took the doodoo? December 06, 2011
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A term derivative from the drug, codeine, often used while under the influence of alcohol/drugs instead of finishing the word, they just mutter "cody"
by John Baker June 07, 2006
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Pretty Cool and dreamy. Can be a real asshole. Doesnt know how to keep a girl- but treats them like a princess for a short while. All the girls love him- no matter how many times he breaks their heart. Cody is a real player. Normally, dark hair and dark eyes.
Hey Man, It's Cody!
Oh look- he has a new girlfriend.
When did he and so-so break up?
Two days ago
by estellax3 May 02, 2010
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A great pal. Usually with pretty fantastic, long hair..He'll keep all your secrets, and not tell a soul. Very reliable, trustworthy person. Has a good sense of humor..Kind of a weird, graphic...a little too graphic..sense of humor. HATES pop music. Can't stand Rebecca black.

by MikkiP July 01, 2011
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